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PAFASON Stainless Steel Curved and Straight Eyebrow Grooming Scissor Set with Safety Cover for Trimming Shaping Eyelash Extensions Eyebrow

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  • Trim, cut, and shape your eyebrows nose hair, Beard, Moustache, Eyelash,Facial Hiair in blink of eye with a scissor specifically designed for dense or thinning hair. Stainless steel scissor is individually, precisely ground, sharpened, assembled, adjusted and tested. Entirely new and high quality!-Sharp blades with a curved tip to allow for precise control, sharp tip makes precise cuts easily.
  • An innovative and ergonomic design, this eyebrow shaper offers optimum accuracy and control while trimming and shaping brows. Precise and sturdy, with full sharp edge contact, produced using premium stainless steel that prevents rust and stain. Easy to carry to any places at any time, indoor, outdoor, hand bag, pocket etc
  • Superior to your average eyebrow shaping scissors, these can also be used to cut hangnails, clean cuticles, or remove dead skin. Very sturdy and sharp for clean cuts. Work for both cuticles and nails. Blades and handles offer higher class apparence that could also make them easy to be cleaned and stored.
  • These ultra-sharp, lightweight and compact scissors are made from premium stainless steel that’s durable and rust resistant. Larger finger holes than most scissors. 3.5 inches long.
  • Keeping your eyebrow shaping scissors in tip-top shape is easy; simply wipe away hair, rinse in warm water, and dry. Manufactured to the highest quality materials to make sure long lasting performance. Curve blade design provides extremely precise cutting from any angles and making them ideal for almost any kinds of daily grooming tasks.

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