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PAFASON® Nail Clipper Set with Nail Catcher & Nail File - Ultra Sharp Sturdy No Splash Fingernail and Toenail Clippers for Men and Women

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  • This nail clipper set use comfortable ergonomic shape to the lever, meet the natural curve of nails. It makes each clip smooth and easier, no need dig your hands into the edges, built for a variety nail types. This nail clipper comes with a nail catcher which makes your nails clippings nearly mess free, no more nail fragmentse scatter around; no need to swipe the floor or vacuum.No risk of splashing eyes by nail fragments anymore!
  • Sturdy top lever and precise sharp blade allows getting a result in a clean cut with minimal effort, rather than leave jagged edges, crack nails, or require far too much pressure to use. Easier to control clip every time. Curved stainless steel blades cut thick nails smoothly, preventing nail splitting and the toenails; nail file makes smooth nails with no edges and corners.
  • These Nail Clippers made with sturdy carbon steel, and come with precision blades and Anti-Slip lever, strong, durable and rust proof. Ensure long lasting. The non-slip handle provides maximum grip, safe and comfortable to use.
  • Our nail clipper set, both fingernail clipper and toenail clipper come with nail catcher that collects nail fragments after clipping. So there won't be any nail fragments hiding in the corner of furniture or on the floor, which need to be clean or vacuum.
  • These Nail Cutter made with high quality materials, shaped and sized particularly designed for trimming fingernails or toenails with high accuracy and safety. They make life easier, colorful and satisfying!

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