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PAFASON® Stainless Steel Premium Dual Tipped Tick Removal Tweezer Set - Remover for Dogs, Cats and Humans with Storage Case

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  • Pafason dual-sided tick-removal tweezer set enables you to remove ticks from people, dogs, cats and all other pets with just one tool set. They are specially designed to remove the entire tick- head and reducing risk of spread of infection - in line with CDC guidelines. The ultra-fine-tip tweezers can be used to precisely remove tiny ticks. 
  • The fine-tipped, pointy design, was designed specifically for the effective removal of engorged ticks Our tick removal kit have been field-tested and designed for easily and safely removing embedded adult and nymph ticks from humans, dogs, cats, or other pets. 
  • The slotted scoop is brand-new designed to quickly and easily remove engorged ticks from skin of pets and other animals. Simply place it against the skin, slide under the tick, and lift with steady even pressure. Reusable premium stainless steel provides a safe tick removal process, simply clean them with running water and sanitize with alcohol, and put them back to original case they are dried.
  • Stainless steel tweezers remove ticks of all sizes, types, and levels of engorgement safely. These tick removers are durable, lightweight, and pocket sized, which makes it easy to take with you in your first aid kit or backpack. 
  • Great use for outdoor enthusiasts with pets, kids, its light weight stored in a plastic case, and can be store anywhere in your backpack, trailers, purses, luggage, travel bags, comes very handy for camping, hiking, and even a daily walking.